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We from CODM Consulting are focused on the way how to conceive and develop a product, how to optimize and streamline processes to effectively sell and build a product that is tailored to the customers/clients needs.

For several years we have been engaged in human machine communication, more accurately in Quality Management, Usability, Process Optimization and Service Oriented Architecture.

With CODM Consulting we want to create an awareness for the fact, that you can only succeed if you treat your customer/client as a friend and not as an enemy.

Customer Oriented Development & Management (CODM)
Serviceorientierte Architektur (SOA)
IT Quality Management
Usability / Simplification

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  • techno

  • synth-pop

  • soundtrack

  • smooth-jazz

  • rock

  • rap

  • r-b

  • psychedelic

  • pop-rock

  • pop

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  • jazz

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